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Cycling Diaries_01

Childhood memories…Learning to cycle in Mumbai in summer vacations… renting out a cycle at a mere 50paise per hour..(yes I am that old!!!!) riding a cousins cycle in Dombivali, getting a cycle as a gift from a cousin, showing it off to everyone(those were early MTB days!!!) making sure that it moved along with the movers and packers truck when we shifted to Pune, going practically everywhere on the ride in Pune with classmates, upgrading it to the latest model in Junior College with a lot of ‘fights ‘ over it with parents(basically they were convinced that I didn’t need an upgrade and I was convinced exactly the other way round!!!) getting a curved handle fit at extra cost so could pass it off as a ‘racer’ bike and finally the ride getting obscured and forgotten with the introduction of a motorbike (again after those fights at home) and saying that ‘who’s going to cycle now ever’!!!

Wowww!!! And now I am back to cycling, reading up stuff on it , setting newer targets, upgrading cycles!!!

Hope to pedal a lot more miles and definitely keep blogging about the journeys!!!

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  1. Nishant Nishant

    Awesome !! Keep going bro !!

  2. Sid Sid

    Journey has began. Now take us through beautiful countryside experiences through your blog!

  3. you have already inspired me….!!! Keep it spreading good vibes mate.

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